Black Metal + Bass Music = THANATLOGOTH

Dark Drum & Bass Party “Sprout” の元オーガナイザー、DJ / Trackmakerである3x6と、音楽ユニット -寡鳴夜- を主宰であり、猟奇漫画家・氏賀Y太の原作映画の劇判などを務めたyuqwe.の両名による、

Blackend DnB Metal Band "Thanatlogoth"


"Thanatology" + "Logos"




Black/Doom MetalなどのHeavy MetalとDarkstep、DnBやDubstepといった

Bass Musicと融合させた、新たなDark Musicの実験研究を試みる。




Voice / Guitar / Design - yuqwe.

Chorus / Beats / Synth - 3x6

Thanatlogoth is Japanese experimental black metal band from Tokyo, that formed in 2016.

The band formed by two members 3x6(a.k.a dark drum & bass producer) and yuqwe.(a.k.a Canary.A)

Their music`s theme is "Desire of Death and Thanatology/Hedonism"

The band is known for the dark sound that blends Black Metal with Drum & bass/Jungle.


 12/31 2nd E.P. 詛嚼(Soshaku) | C93 Winter.


 10/30 THE LORDS GO WITHOUT THRONES - Tr.6 "The Indictment -告罪を-" | M3-2016 Autumn

 04/24 1st E.P. 死性幻葬(Shisei-Gensou) | M3-2016 Spring

 04/24 Starting.


2016.12/31 SFS_Leaks10 at Waseda Sabaco

2016.06/11 SFS_Leaks9 at Waseda Sabaco